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Environmental Water in the Gwydir

Since the establishment, of the Environmental Contingency Allowance (ECA) in Copeton Dam, the ECA Committee has provided advice to government on the management of this environmental entitlement.

To date, ECA water has been utilised to support bird breeding events and to return the volume extracted or diverted upstream by irrigation back to the wetlands. However, this ECA entitlement on its own, was often insufficient for this purpose.

More recently, substantial water purchases on behalf of the environment have been made by both NSW State and Commonwealth Governments. These purchases have made significant and meaningful additional water reserves for the environment in the Gwydir.

Environmental Contingency Allowance Committee

The Gwydir ECA Committee is chaired by Paul Hutchings (Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA), and is comprised of the following members:

  • Aboriginal Community (Jacko Woodbridge & Christine Brown)
  • Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA (James Burley)
  • Department of Primary Industries (David Ward)
  • Gingham Watercourse landholder (Phil Fleming)
  • Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association (Ian Cush)
  • Independent environmental group (Sarah Moles)
  • Independent scientists (Darren Ryder & Glenn Wilson)
  • Lower Gwydir Watercourse landholder (Jon Greer)
  • NSW Office of Water (Neal Foster)
  • NSW State Water (Craig Cahill)

Supported by:

  • Jane Humphries, Executive Officer (OEH)
  • Daryl Albertson, Environmental Water Manager, Gwydir (Office of Environment & Heritage NSW)

Should you wish to attend a meeting, source information or make contact with one of the ECAOAC members, please contact the Executive Officer, located in the Moree Office of State Water. ph 0448 442 434 or email:

Background InformationWaterbirds Return as the Gwydir Floods

  • Environmental Water in the Gwydir brochure - PDF 2.4 MB
  • Historical Flooding Patterns in the Gwydir Wetlands - PDF 4.24 MB (Note: this report and associated property scale maps are available on DVD and upon request via Jane Humphries)
  • Mallowa Creek Environmental Assessment 2009 - PDF 2.37MB
  • Moree Bird Routes Brochure - PDF 2.3 MB
  • Waterbirds Return as the Gwydir Floods - PDF 5.7 MB
  • DRAFT: Gwydir Wetlands Environmental Water Management Strategy 2012-2017 - PDF 468 KB Open for comment till April 2013

2013-2014 Season



  • State of the Wetlands Report - September 2013 - PDF 56 KB
  • State of the Wetlands Report - October 2013 - PDF 160 KB

2012-2013 Season


  • Annual Report 2011-2012 - PDF 1.4 MB
  • Annual Report 2011-2012 Attachment A Photos - PDF 2.3 MB
  • Seasonal Watering Advice 2012-13 Growing Season - PDF 26 KB
  • Annual Water Use Plan for the Gwydir 2012-13 - PDF 1.79 MB


  • State of the Wetlands Report - Dec 2012 - PDF 69 KB
  • State of the Wetlands Report - Jan 2013 - PDF 63 KB
  • 30 Jan 2013 - PDF 17 KB
  • State of the Wetlands Report - Feb 2013 - PDF 61 KB
  • End of Season State of the Gwydir Wetlands Report - Apr 2013 - PDF 146KB

2011-2012 Archive


  • Gwydir Environmental Watering Advice 2011/2012 Growing Season - PDF 147 KB
  • Gwydir Environmental Watering Plan 2011/2012 water year - PDF 336 KB
  • Gwydir ECAOAC Annual Report 2010/11 - PDF 3.1 MB


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